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ERP School

Learn how to create an Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) plan for your specific set of obsessions and compulsions.   Includes an extensive look into evidence-based behavioral techniques used for managing OCD, Phobias and Panic. 

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Mindfulness School for OCD Course 

Learn exactly how the practice of Mindfulness can help you manage your intrusive thoughts, strong emotions, uncomfortable sensations, & intrusive urges. BONUS Mindfulness for ERP modules  

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BFRB School

Learn our 6 Foundational Tools for managing Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors (Hair Pulling and Compulsive Skin Picking).   Course includes Mindfulness skills, Cognitive Concepts, Behavioral Interventions and Lifestyle Game-Changers.

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A 5-Star Rated Podcast with over 

1 MILLION Downloads

Your Anxiety Toolkit is a podcast dedicated to providing Mindfulness-Based tools for Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression and the Mental Struggles that go along with these disorders. 

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