Is BFRB School Right for YOU?

βœ” Is hair pulling (Trichotillomania), skin picking (Excoriation Disorder), or compulsive nail-biting getting in the way of your day-to-day life?

βœ” Do body-focused repetitive behaviors keep you from living the joyful and mindful life you imagined?

βœ” Are you tired of trying to stop your hair pulling and skin picking, only to find yourself picking and pulling even more?

In this course, we prioritize healing our relationship with our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and learn how to have a more accepting relationship with our urges to pick and pull at our bodies.

Recovery from BFRBs Is About Looking at the Whole Person!

Are You Ready Change Your Relationship with Yourself, and your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behaviors?

After receiving regular calls from people who didn’t have access to correct care for their picking and pulling disorders or who couldn’t afford therapy, Kimberley decided to launch BFRB School. 

She saw a lack of resources available for people who were willing to learn and ready to take their recovery into their own hands

With BFRB School, you’ll gain access to all of the tools Kimberley uses on a daily basis with her one-on-one clients in her office so that you can apply them to your own life.

What’s included in BFRB School?

Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB) School is packed with the very same picking and pulling prevention information and techniques Kimberley teaches her clients in face-to-face sessions.

When you sign up for BFRB School, you’ll receive instant access to resources that will guide you to:

  • Correct Your reaction to Your Thoughts and Feelings: Learn how to have a better relationship with your negative thoughts, strong emotions, and uncomfortable sensations.
  • Change Your Behaviors: Learn how to identify your urges to pick your skin and pull your hair and implement effective and compassionate behavior changes to your daily lifestyle so that you can reduce your hair pulling and skin picking.
  • Implement a Mindful Lifestyle: Learn how to create a mindful lifestyle that will support you in your long-term recovery from Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors.
  • PLUS, you’ll receive a BONUS audio training called, What is getting in the way of YOUR recovery! This will help you identify areas that you can focus on as you move through the course.

Kimberley is committed to supporting you throughout this process. If you have any questions, she meets bi-monthly on Facebook and Instagram for her LIVE MAGIC MONDAY Q&A hour (every second and fourth Monday at 12 PM PDT) where she answers questions and troubleshoots any concerns you may have.

Once you have purchased the course, you will have unlimited access to the course materials, course updates, and the course BONUS

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Your Most Pressing Questions About BFRB (Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors) School Answered!

Hear what others have to say about Kimberley


"Kimberley has the knowledge and expertise in an area which is still a relatively unknown, ‘bfrb’s’.  She has guided me and given me amazing tools to help myself and those around her.  I have learnt so much from Kim, she is compassionate, kind and caring.  Thank you, Kim!"


"BFRB school is a wonderful resource for both individuals who struggle with BFRBs and clinicians who treat BFRBs. Kimberley uses an evidence-based, gentle, and compassionate approach that allows the listener to feel seen, understood, and validated in their struggle. BFRB school focuses on the “mind, body, and soul” aspects of treatment, which is both educational and provides hope and real-life tools to those suffering."


"This BFRB course gave me countless invaluable tools to use with clients. I’m so grateful for these programs! Kimberley explains things in such a clear, easy to understand, and compassionate way"


"I’m only 2 modules in and I know I made the right decision to purchase this course! I am feeling very optimistic. Thank you!"

Who is Kimberley Quinlan?

Kimberley is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in California. She is the founder of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) School, an online psycho-education platform where she offers educational products and resources to those who cannot access correct care. She specializes in anxiety disorders, OCD, eating disorders, and body-focused repetitive behaviors.  

Kimberley has practiced meditation and mindfulness for many years and has a special interest in the integration of mindfulness principles with CBT for OCD, anxiety disorders, and eating disorders.



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