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Want to Overcome Anxiety & Panic too?

For an additional $49, you can get access to our 3 hr Anxiety & Panic course and get the FULL PACKAGE (Overcoming Depression + Overcoming Anxiety & Panic).

If you experience panic attacks & generalized anxiety, this course will help you break the cycle of anxiety too! 

Course Includes: 

- On-Demand Video tutorials and education on anxiety + panic attacks 

- Full Workbook to help you apply the skills and concepts 

- Learn how to break the cycle of anxiety & panic. 

- and much more! 


Overcoming Depression

5 Strategic steps to break the cycle of depression 

What you'll get:

  • 5 Video Trainings that will help you understand your depression so you can break the cycle
  • A Workbook to use as you go through the materials 
  • A strategic plan to overcome your depression and get you back to living your life
Please note that this course is for educational purposes only. This course (or any resource from CBT School) IS NOT to be considered therapy.