If you feel stuck, completely alone, & out of control...

I help people with anxiety

completely change how they

respond to anxiety!  

Hi, I am Kimberley Quinlan.

I am a highly trained anxiety specialist and I have treated hundreds of people with severe anxiety disorders.  

I am here to teach YOU exactly how I do that! 

Are you ready?...BECAUSE I AM! 

On-Demand Online Course for OCD

ERP SCHOOL is here!   

  • Science-based skills & tools
  • Break the cycle of OCD
  • Stop beating yourself up for your obsessions
  • Get back to the things you LOVE! 
Only $197 
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Overcoming Anxiety & Panic

A step-by-step online on-demand course

Only $49 

  • Overcome day-to-day anxiety & panic attacks
  • Learn the tools you need to get back to enjoying your life
  • Reduce how much you beat yourself up. 
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Can't stop picking and/or pulling? 

I got you! 

  • Science-based skills and tools to manage your urges to pick & pull.  
  • Stop beating yourself up. It's not your fault! 
  • Create a lifestyle to maintain your wins! 
Only $197 
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Manage your time, without the overwhelm & stress.

ONLY $27

Make more time and prioritize your mental health recovery, daily tasks, & self-care.

On-demand- watch as many times as you like.

Believe me, you NEED this! 

I want this!
Online Mindfulness Course for OCD Sufferers

Mindfulness for OCD 

  • Supercharge your OD recovery! 
  • Science-based tools & skills to reduce stress, anxiety, hopelessness, & other strong emotions
  • Step-by-step approach with PDFs to help you apply the skills 
  • On-demand, watch as many times as you like. 
Only $49
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Self-Compassion Skills

for Therapists 

3 CEU's for ONLY $87

This training is offered thru The Knowledge Tree 


Your Anxiety Toolkit Podcast

Over 1.5 MILLION Downloads

Get actionable skills and tools to help you overcome anxiety, OCD, and depression EVERY FRIDAY!