Let me teach you everything I know about Anxiety, Depression, and Emotions...

so you can get back to doing the things you love doing.  

Hi, I am Kimberley Quinlan.

I am a highly trained anxiety specialist and I have treated hundreds of people with severe anxiety disorders.  

I am here to teach YOU exactly how I do that! 

Let's get started! 

The Meditation Vault 

28 meditations that will train you to be calm, kind, & wise.  

  • 9 Meditations for Anxiety 
  • 6 Self-Compassion Meditations 
  • 5 Meditations for Motivation  
  • 4 Meditations for Sleep & well-being
  • 4 Meditations for Managing Strong Emotions
  • BONUS: Mini-Course to maximize your meditation practice and STAY WITH IT!
Only $28 $34 (for a limited time) 
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Overcoming Anxiety & Panic

A step-by-step online on-demand course

Only $49 

  • Overcome day-to-day anxiety & panic attacks
  • Learn the tools you need to get back to enjoying your life
  • Reduce how much you beat yourself up. 
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Get Control of Your OCD!

On-demand online course for OCD   

  • Science-based skills & tools
  • Break the cycle of OCD
  • Stop beating yourself up for your obsessions
  • Get back to the things you LOVE! 
Only $197 
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Manage your time & prioritize your mental health

ONLY $27

Make more time and prioritize your mental health recovery, daily tasks, & self-care.

On-demand- watch as many times as you like.

Believe me, you NEED this! 

I want this!

Overcoming Depression

A step-by-step online on-demand course

Only $149 

  • Learn how to manage negative thoughts 
  • Become kinder to yourself. 
  • Find new ways to create joy in your life.
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Self-Compassion Skills

for Therapists 

3 CEU's for ONLY $87

This training is offered thru The Knowledge Tree 

Online Mindfulness Course for OCD Sufferers

Mindfulness for OCD 

  • Supercharge your OD recovery! 
  • Science-based tools & skills to reduce stress, anxiety, hopelessness, & other strong emotions
  • Step-by-step approach with PDFs to help you apply the skills 
  • On-demand, watch as many times as you like. 
Only $49
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Can't stop picking your skin and/or pulling our hair? 

I got you! 

  • Science-based skills and tools to manage your urges to pick & pull.  
  • Stop beating yourself up. It's not your fault! 
  • Create a lifestyle to maintain your wins! 
Only $197 
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Your Anxiety Toolkit Podcast

Over 1.5 MILLION Downloads

Get actionable skills and tools to help you overcome anxiety, OCD, and depression EVERY FRIDAY!