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ERP School for OCD

Take your life back from OCD! Manage fear, decrease compulsions, and live the life you want. 

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Mindfulness School for OCD Course

Be more present, less judgmental and learn how to manage fear, uncertainty.

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BFRB School ~$195

Reduce your hair pulling and skin picking urges, manage your emotions and learn skills to increase confidence, self-esteem, and self-care. 

Only $197


If you feel trapped and stuck in the cycle of anxiety & panic, THIS course is for YOU! Learn how to break the cycle of anxiety and panic using science-proven skills and tools from your home.

ONLY $49 (limited time only)

NEW Time Management Course 

ONLY $27

Manage overwhelm, stress, and burnout! Learn how to manage your anxiety and stress about time and get what you need to get done! 

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Get actionable skills and tools to help you overcome anxiety, OCD, and depression EVERY FRIDAY!