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Uncategorized Nov 07, 2017


We are so thrilled to finally be here with you.  

Believe it or not, CBTschool.com was an idea that came from moments of deep frustration.  Each year, at conferences and via email and social media, I hear from hundreds of people with a similar story.   They had spent years suffering from OCD, Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, anxiety, depression, and shame, and had behaviors that they couldn't make sense of. 

Statistics show that for someone with OCD, it can take up to 7 years to be correctly diagnosed and can take 14-17 years to find the correct treatment. 

HOW IS THIS STILL POSSIBLE?  Here are the problems. 

  • Many Medical and Psychological professional’s don’t know how to correctly identify the disorder. 
  • Many don’t know the correct treatment. 
  • Most family members don’t know exactly what  to do or say.
  • Those who are experiencing these disorders,  don’t even know how to even ask for help.

I am pretty confident that you are AMAZINGLY strong and competent, because some how, you advocated or researched enough to know what you needed to reach your own (or your loved ones) recovery.   And somehow,  you have found us and I am so thrilled you did.   

Like I said before, this is why CBTschool.com was created.   CBTschool.com is psycho-educational platform that provides evidence-based e-courses to 1) help people learn about their mental health struggles and 2) learn the correct tools needed to lead them towards living a joyful and fulfilling life.   

The cool thing about CBTschool.com is that it is a virtual campus.  You can take these classes from anywhere.  Each online class will provide tools to help you navigate your way towards recovery. 

I am super excited to teach you the tools I use to help my one-on-one clients.  

See you in class!


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