Celebrating 50 Episodes of Your Anxiety Toolkit!

Celebrating 50 Podcast Episodes of Your Anxiety Toolkit 

Well, today is an EXCITING day!  Today is the day we Celebrate 50 Episodes of Your Anxiety Toolkit!  

This day is quite an interesting one for me, as I reflect on how much Your Anxiety Toolkit has grown and changed.   This podcast started in my kitchen, while my son napped next to me.   From that sweet beginning, I have received so many wonderful blessings, the biggest being able to "meet" all of you.  Thank you again for your support and encouragement.   From that first kitchen recording, we went on to create CBT School and CBT School Campus.   It has been SO FULFILLING. 


In today's podcast, I detail the 5 most important things I have learned from hosting Your Anxiety Toolkit Podcast.   Don't worry! This is NOTana episode about technology and stats.  It will apply to you, I promise.  

You can listen to the...

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A Funny Way To Approach Fear, Anxiety and Perfectionism (New Podcast Episode)

your anxiety toolkit Mar 09, 2018

Hey there Folks! I am so pleased to join you again on this beautiful day. 

This week's episode of YOUR ANXIETY TOOLKIT is just for you if you struggle with the fear that things need to be perfect, or that bad thing will happen if you don't do them in the "right way".  Does that describe you, at all? 

I am constantly talking with my clients about radical self-acceptance.  Radical Self Acceptance is Accepting yourself as you are and just being you.  But, often clients will look at me with a blank face and ask, "but how?"

In this episode, I share with you my ALL TIME favorite tool to manage perfectionism and vulnerability avoidance.  It is in no way evidence-based or a clinical tool, but it is mine and I LOVE IT!  

You can listen to the episode on iTunes HERE

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You can listen to the episode streaming HERE

The Tool is called, Whack it Together!!!!!! (Yes, I purposely put all of those...

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