We Can Do Hard Things (with guest Dennis A. Aguilar)

One of my favorite things to say is,  "WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!"  If you are on Instagram or Facebook, you will often hear me repeat, 

"We can do hard things!" 

"We can do hard things!" 

"We can do hard things!" 

I say this because it helps remind me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and I also am a human, which means I can learn just about anything.  

This is the concept of Progressive Mastery.  Progressive Mastering is the theory related to how we learn new things.   Brendon Burchard talks a lot about this in his recent book High Performing Habits.  I love this concept because he discusses how we incredible humans can learn just about anything.   All we need to do is break our goal or struggle down into small steps.   Then, we take one step at a time.  

I cannot stress this approach enough when it comes to mental wellness. 

We must not look up at the mountain, tell ourselves how we will NEVER be able to make it up there and then give up.   We must take one emotion at a time.  One thought at a time.  One sensation at a time.  One urge at a time.  

This is the trick to being uber mindful and gentle with ourselves.  

On this week's podcast, I present the first episode of a series I am doing called, "We can do hard things".  During the WE CAN DO HARD THINGS series, I will interview guests who have walked the hard, but rewarding route of working through their emotions, mental health disorders, trauma and difficult childhoods.   

I could not be more excited to share this weeks episode with you.

Dennis A. Aguilar joins us today to share the inspiring story of his life journey through mental illness.  Dennis talks about trauma, depression, suicidal ideation, OCD, anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, ADD, social anxiety and other struggles he manages.  I found this interview to be incredibly inspiring and I am sure you will to0. 

Dennis also gives TONs of amazing advice to those who feel like recovery is not an option for them.  He talks about how he would go through stages of hopelessness and how to fought himself to just keep going. 

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