How to Improve Your Relationship With Anxiety

anxiety cbt mindfulness Apr 27, 2018

Would you consider yourself to have a good relationship with anxiety?This blog post is all how to shift your perspective about your relationship with anxiety.

Do you and your anxiety yell at each other?  Or, do you talk between yourselves in a respectful and considerate manner? Does Anxiety manipulate you into doing compulsive behaviors you don’t want to engage in? Or, do you hold your ground when anxiety is trying to get its way?

These questions can help you to determine what kind of relationship you have with the anxiety in your life.   We must continually ask ourselves this question if we want to ensure that anxiety isn't running the show.   

Do you have a good relationship with anxiety?


In today’s podcast episode, we talk about How to Improve Your Relationship with Anxiety.  This includes how you talk with yourself, how you react to your anxiety and what your expectations are about its presence in your life.


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You guys know how much I LOVE a good metaphor.  Well, this week’s podcast is one BIG metaphor on how to build a better relationship with your anxiety, depression, emotions, and sensations.   My goal is to give you a visual for managing and tolerating discomfort.

In this episode, I also address setting boundaries with anxiety and depression but creating a relationship with anxiety AND depression.  I can’t wait to hear whether this is helpful for you.  I find it incredibly helpful.  Enjoy!


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