Is Fred In The Refrigerator: Taming OCD And Reclaiming My Life

guest interview ocd podcast Jun 01, 2018

You know, there are some people who REALLY inspire me, and today I have the honor of sharing one of those people.  

In this weeks episode of YOUR ANXIETY TOOLKIT, I interviewed the AMAZING Shala Nicely.  In Shala's new book, Is Fred In The Refridgerator?: Taming OCD and Reclaiming My Life, Shala talks about her journey with OCD, BDD, depression, substance abuse and much more.  If you have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) or another mental health struggle, Shala has written THE book for you. Shala will help you feel less alone and validated in your challenges and recovery.  

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Shala's book is such an amazing read.   Shala walks us through her mental health struggles, her journey with finding the correct therapy for her OCD,...

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Celebrating 50 Episodes of Your Anxiety Toolkit!

Celebrating 50 Podcast Episodes of Your Anxiety Toolkit 

Well, today is an EXCITING day!  Today is the day we Celebrate 50 Episodes of Your Anxiety Toolkit!  

This day is quite an interesting one for me, as I reflect on how much Your Anxiety Toolkit has grown and changed.   This podcast started in my kitchen, while my son napped next to me.   From that sweet beginning, I have received so many wonderful blessings, the biggest being able to "meet" all of you.  Thank you again for your support and encouragement.   From that first kitchen recording, we went on to create CBT School and CBT School Campus.   It has been SO FULFILLING. 


In today's podcast, I detail the 5 most important things I have learned from hosting Your Anxiety Toolkit Podcast.   Don't worry! This is NOTana episode about technology and stats.  It will apply to you, I promise.  

You can listen to the...

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All Thoughts Are Created Equal (Yes, Including "Scary", "Yucky" and "Bad" Thoughts)

anxiety mindfulness ocd May 18, 2018

Ok, so you had a thought that scared the "you know what" out of you. 

It wasn't a pleasant thought.   

And, this thought did not line up with the way you wanted your life to go. 

The really hard part is that this thought was coupled with a big sting of anxiety.  Panic, maybe. 

If this sounds like something you have experienced, you are not alone. 

One of the biggest challenges I see my client's struggle with is their instinctual reaction to specific thoughts.   They treat them like they are SUPER important and they feel they must be solved immediately. 

Actually, let's be honest.  It isn't just my clients.  We ALL do this sometimes.  Please don't feel blamed or ashamed of this.  We are all in this together, remember! 


If you prefer the audio version of this blog, see below for the links.  Otherwise, keep on reading.

You can...

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We Can Do Hard Things (with guest Dennis A. Aguilar)

Uncategorized May 11, 2018

One of my favorite things to say is,  "WE CAN DO HARD THINGS!"  If you are on Instagram or Facebook, you will often hear me repeat, 

"We can do hard things!" 

"We can do hard things!" 

"We can do hard things!" 

I say this because it helps remind me that I am stronger than I give myself credit for and I also am a human, which means I can learn just about anything.  

This is the concept of Progressive Mastery.  Progressive Mastering is the theory related to how we learn new things.   Brendon Burchard talks a lot about this in his recent book High Performing Habits.  I love this concept because he discusses how we incredible humans can learn just about anything.   All we need to do is break our goal or struggle down into small steps.   Then, we take one step at a time.  

I cannot stress this approach enough when it comes to mental wellness. 

We must not look up at the mountain, tell...

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How to Improve Your Relationship With Anxiety

anxiety cbt mindfulness Apr 27, 2018

Would you consider yourself to have a good relationship with anxiety?This blog post is all how to shift your perspective about your relationship with anxiety.

Do you and your anxiety yell at each other?  Or, do you talk between yourselves in a respectful and considerate manner? Does Anxiety manipulate you into doing compulsive behaviors you don’t want to engage in? Or, do you hold your ground when anxiety is trying to get its way?

These questions can help you to determine what kind of relationship you have with the anxiety in your life.   We must continually ask ourselves this question if we want to ensure that anxiety isn't running the show.   

Do you have a good relationship with anxiety?


In today’s podcast episode, we talk about How to Improve Your Relationship with Anxiety.  This includes how you talk with yourself, how you react to your anxiety and what your expectations are about its presence in your...
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FIVE Roadblocks To Anxiety Recovery (w/ Sheva Rajaee)

Do you sometimes wonder what the secret sauce of Anxiety Recovery is? 

Well, today, we have an INCREDIBLE interview with Sheva Rajaee discussing her FIVE ROADBLOCKS TO ANXIETY RECOVERY!

Sheva Rajaee is a Marriage and Family Therapist and a lovely friend of mine.  I was lucky enough to get to work alongside her at the OCD Center of Los Angeles, where we were both trained.

Sheva is an OCD Advocate rockstar and was a speaker at last years UCLA TEDx Talk event, presenting the talk titled, “Addicted to the answer – anxiety in the age of information”.

In this interview, Sheva comes very well prepared (as she always is) and she details what she calls the FIVE ROADBLOCKS TO ANXIETY RECOVERY, including tools to help manage Anxiety Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB's).

Don’t miss the most recent podcast episode! 

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You can listen to...

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Why Am I So Angry? A Discussion On How Anxiety Can Lead To Anger.

mindfulness ocd Apr 13, 2018


Do you feel ever notice that your overwhelming fear turns into overwhelming anger?  Yes?  Well, you are not alone.   Anger is a very common bi-product of anxiety.

In this week's podcast episode,  I share about the amazing experience of listening to Clint Malarchuk (and his wife Joanie), who was a National Hockey League player and was the keynote speaker at the most recent Southern California IOCDF Conference.  

Don’t miss the most recent podcast episode! 

Your Anxiety Toolkit Episode #44: Anxiety + Anxiety + Anxiety = Anger 

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Clint and his wife told their beautiful story about Clint's struggles with OCD, Trauma depression, and suicide.   Clint shared all about his journey of managing obsessions and compulsions while...

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New Podcast Episode: You Are Not Alone (and some EXCITING NEWS!)

mindfulness social media Apr 06, 2018


Hello Everyone! 

I have a couple of exciting pieces of news to share with you.   

There is a new Podcast Episode Available!

Ep.43 of Your Anxiety Toolkit:  You are not Alone 

Don’t miss the most recent podcast episode! 

You can listen to the episode for FREE on iTunes HERE

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Just a couple of weeks ago, I attended and was honored to present at the Southern California OCD Conference ran by   It was such an incredible event and I left with my heart feeling full and mind inspired.  

The thing I love the most about these conferences is that the energy of the attendees.  It is so infectious.   At the beginning of the day, the room is filled with bustling anticipation and hope.  

After listening to the keynote speakers (more about this in next weeks podcast...

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Jon Hershfield Dispels Some Myths About Managing Anxiety and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Can I just say, I am so excited to share this weeks episode of Your Anxiety Toolkit?   

In this weeks episode, I got to spend some time with my good friend, Jon Hershfield and he drops some REAL wisdom about some of the myths about managing Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and life in general.  He is a genius at breaking things down and making it fun along the way.

To prepare for this episode, I reached out to some trusted and respected Mental Health Professionals for input.    I asked if they could share some of the unskilled advice that some of their clients have received from their previous therapists or medical professionals.

Hop on over to the podcast to listen! 

You can listen to the episode on iTunes HERE

You can listen to the episode on Stitcher HERE

You can listen to the episode streaming HERE

During our podcast interview (which will also be on YouTube very soon), Jon addressed how some advice for...

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Two Powerful Words That Can Help You Manage Thoughts, Feelings & Sensations.

mindfulness podcast Mar 23, 2018

Thoughts.   They are often very wrong!   If we observe our thoughts, we will begin to notice how incorrect they are.

Feelings.   They too can lead us down a path of reaction and regret.  

Sensations.   These can be hard to manage, mostly because they are very uncomfortable and can make us feel out of control.  

In this week's podcast, I want to introduce you to TWO words that could change your experience of thoughts, feelings, and sensations, if you put them into practice enough.

Hop on over to the podcast to listen! 

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You can listen to Episode 41 streaming HERE

Before I share the TWO WORDS with you, I want to encourage you to first get used to observing what you are thinking, feeling and experiencing. 

 It could be emotions such as sadness, anger, fear, frustration, irritability etc.

 It could be...

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