We Are The Lucky Ones! Interview with Stuart Ralph


Ep. 38: We are the Lucky Ones (Important Lessons Learned by Stuart Ralph) 

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You guys, you are so appreciated by me! 

I can't wait to tell you about the most recent Podcast episode of Your Anxiety Toolkit!  

When it comes to interviewing people for Your Anxiety Toolkit podcast, I ADORE bringing on people I admire, who think outside the box and who are are leaders in our field of Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), Depression and Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRB'S),  Stuart Ralph definitely checks off ALL these criteria.  

Stuart Ralph is the host of The OCD Stories Podcast.  Check it out HERE.  It is such an amazing resource! 

In this podcast episode of Your Anxiety Toolkit, I asked Stuart to share with us some of what he has learned interviewing some of the most influential and inspiring psychotherapists and...

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Giving Yourself Permission To......

mindfulness Feb 23, 2018

So, recently I was speaking with a client about his severe anxiety and he attributed his anxiety to all the pressures in his life.  I asked, where is the pressure coming from? Is it Societal Expectations?  Is it from teachers? Bosses? Parents? Loved ones?

I am wondering if you immediately wondered if it was from him? You guessed right!  We often are the ones who put the most pressure on ourselves.   When we do this, it leads to increased anxiety and increased stress.  

The answer is in FIVE simple words.   


Before we move on, let's first address one thing.   Even if the pressure is coming from an external source (boss, school, parents etc), we need to learn the skill of giving ourselves permission to drop the pressure.  Drop the expectations  Undo all the rules we place on ourselves to be “perfect”, pure, always good, always kind, always enough.  Always at peak...

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Welcome to CBTschool.com's BLOG

Uncategorized Nov 07, 2017


We are so thrilled to finally be here with you.  

Believe it or not, CBTschool.com was an idea that came from moments of deep frustration.  Each year, at conferences and via email and social media, I hear from hundreds of people with a similar story.   They had spent years suffering from OCD, Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors, anxiety, depression, and shame, and had behaviors that they couldn't make sense of. 

Statistics show that for someone with OCD, it can take up to 7 years to be correctly diagnosed and can take 14-17 years to find the correct treatment. 

HOW IS THIS STILL POSSIBLE?  Here are the problems. 

  • Many Medical and Psychological professional’s don’t know how to correctly identify the disorder. 
  • Many don’t know the correct treatment. 
  • Most family members don’t know exactly what  to do or say.
  • Those who are experiencing these disorders,  don’t even know how to...
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